• Maybe you didn't have cable and limped along on rabit ears, or maybe your parents wanted you to grow up really smart and chalk-full of usless knowledge about lion mating habits. Either way you think you know all about what public broadcasting has brought to your life.... let us see shall we! P.S. For the MANY of you who have informed me of the error in the first version, I have fixed the problem. And thank you for your more than "comic book guy" e-mails.... ********************************************************************** PEOPLE! If the test didn't suit your needs, or your mad about your score, or you don't think one of the questions was right... DON'T E-MAIL ME... cause frankly that's super lame. It was my mistake, I GOT IT! Instead of proving to me how "smart" you are, how about you write your own test?! Geeze.

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