• First Time Seeing This Page? READ THIS FIRST!!!! Do you want to know if we could be friends and such? Are we friends and you just want to comfirm that your are firmly in the circle of trust? Then take my other 4 tests and look at my profile. This is important for you to do before you take this test because there are questions on it! Nothing too in-depth, but you need basic information. If you don't want to take the other tests, then don't. The questions on them are pretty much brownie points, in case you screw something up. lol. When you're all done with that other b.s., come back and take my test!! Second Time Seeing This Page? READ THIS INSTEAD!!!! Ok, good job. You came back. woo! Most of the questions might seem like they have nothing to do with whether or not we'd get along, but trust me, everything has a point. Otherwise, I wouldn't have put it on the test. I will be measuring your likeliness to be my friend, you're bad qualities, your sexuality in general and the likeliness of a relatinoship of any kind. Now that you know what's going down, Go take the test. What are you waiting for? lol.
  • 1
    Part I~ Movies~ Match the quotes.

  • 2
    (Emperor's New Groove) You threw off my groove! ~OR~ When I give the word, your little village thingy will be bye-bye. Bye-bye!

  • 3
    (8 Crazy Nights) My fingers in your mouth kitty, but I don't feel any teeth ~OR~ That's a techincal foul!

  • 4
    (I Spy) In the spy world it's backwards. You want someone to say look at how:

  • 5
    (Small Soliders) What are you packing tiny?

  • Match the quote with the movie or the actor/charactor from the movie.
  • 6
    I laughed, I cried. It moved me Bob.

  • 7
    Hey there smallish bear. What's wrong aye?

  • 8
    I've got to return some videos.

  • 9
    *Poof* What do you want? *Poof* What do you want? *Poof* What do you want?

  • 10
    You can't trust someone who thinks you're crazy.