• What is the law?

    If you watch The Practice and Law & Order, how close to the legal standard for competency are you?

    What if you watch regularly?

    This test will measure your knowledge of basic legal doctrine. The kind of things a state bar would require you to know before granting the presigious Esquire.

    Please be warned. Local law questions like "can I turn on red" or "how long will I go to jail if the cops catch me with weed" will not appear here. Also, note that law school exams are worlds more difficult that what lies within.

    The scale is something like -37 to 30. If you give the wrong, but a sensible answer, there is no penalty. If you give a terrible answer, you will lose points. That is because of the harm that bad legal advice can result in.

    And God forbid should you ever represent yourself pro se ... well, maybe this test will convince you otherwise.