• Relationships are complex networks of big things and little things. Big things matter (which is why I'll create big-things tests). But little things also matter.

    When people live together, small annoyances can trigger relationship bombs. Honest, real, open, vulnerable sharing precludes true intimacy. But it helps if the road to such sharing is relatively smooth.

    Tidbits are worth considering when you're looking for a match.

    Tidbits are things like household routines, food prefs, and other obscure details.

    This test only covers miscellaneous tidbits. I'll also create tests for bigger tidbit categories -- such as neatness.

    I'll try to measure four variables for you -- the most okCupid allows. If you and a potential match both take this test, you'll have a glimpse at how smoothly you might gel in domestic life.

    Of course, don't rule someone out as a match if your tidbit variables are at odds. Just prepare yourself for a relationship that will make you grow.

    Everyone's different. For some people, tidbit disparity might be a dealbreaker. For others, it's just good to know.

    No tests are perfect, least of all mine. I may add questions to my tests sometimes. Maybe.

    Sometimes it's good to re-take tests -- if you like them. Our personalities aren't static.

    But that's not required. If you take this test once, you'll have a nice snapshot of you.

    I hope you'll be glad you took the test. I'll do my best (as your host).

    Good luck, and remember: this isn't about how "good" or "evil" you are. Humanity is a diverse species, and that's good. This test just helps others know you better -- and helps you know yourself better.

    Be uncompromisingly honest. That's a virtue we should all share.