• If you’re at all interested in the various temperaments toddlers display and how they relate to your personality, I’d like to welcome you to the Toddler Temperament Test! I was inspired to create such a test because I have a strong interest (not to mention a degree) in child development and a passion for working with toddlers in particular. Originally, I learned about 3 temperaments that children display: fearful, feisty, and flexible. Upon doing further research on the internet, I found another set of temperaments that was specific to toddlers, rather than children as a whole. So, I decided to create a test with the outcomes of these 5 temperaments: The Angel Toddler, The Textbook Toddler, The Touchy Toddler, The Spirited Toddler, and The Grumpy Toddler.

    You might be wondering what a toddler’s temperament might have to do with an adult’s temperament. Here’s my answer to that: It is said that a child’s personality is formed during early childhood. So, give or take a little maturity and personal growth, your temperament now more than likely reflects on what it was like as a young child. Personally, when I think about my own temperament as an adult and compare it to my mother’s accounts of what it was like as a child, I notice many similarities. Perhaps, you’ve already inquired and actively collected information on how you were as a young child. Or, maybe you haven’t even thought about it until now. Either way, I invite you to take the test and find your toddler temperament! Enjoy! J