• Hi! And welcome to my Too Creepy 4 A Girl in her 20s Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature.

    Unfortunately for men, their promiscuous nature reputes them automatically creepy by default. Men earn a non-creepy reputation with non-creepy actions. If you are able to earn a low creepiness score (EVERYONE is a little creepy, even me) to these questions with honest answers, you may not be too creepy! (True creepiness can only be determined in-person because it is subjective. But, I'm a pretty regular girl, and I'm fairly smart and able to offer sound advice. Therefore, my test is probably a better indicator of creepiness than any man wants it to be.)

    Since I've seen many girls on here in my mid-20s age range who have also requested that creepy men not contact them, this is a good test for men who are tempted to contact a girl in said age range: ages 20 - 29. (If you score creepy, I apologize because our age range is the best age range to date. But, too bad. You're too creepy and you need to look elsewhere. You'll have more success that way.)