The Transactional Analysis Egogram - 1 Nurturing Parent Test

  • Welcome to my Egogram test - The Nurturing Parent. This is Part 1 of a series of five tests.

    Caveat: If you don't like reading long introductions, then this test is probably not for you.

    I'll be using the theories of Eric Bern MD the father of Transactional Analysis to determine your true nature. According to Bern's Transactional Analysis theory, every individual's personality is divided into three distinct parts known as Parent, Adult and Child states.

    When the words Parent, Adult and Child are preceded by a capital P, A, or C, they refer to stereotype attitudes and not to actual parents, adults or children. Structural analysis consists of analysing our personality with a view to discovering the nature of our individual states and will help us to better understand who we are and how we have become that personality. Moreover, an enhanced understanding of our personality will help us to work more effectively.


    While the above ego states are are present in all of us simultaneously, only one of these will be in command at any given moment in time. Furthermore, the states do not depend on the individual's age and each presents positive and negative aspects.

    1. The Parent ego state

    The Parent State is characterised by attitudes (perceptions or behaviour) whose origins are external to the individual, and are particularly adopted from our parents as well as from all other people who resemble them.

    The Parent State is a vast collection of recordings and external events which have been imposed on the individual or been accepted by them without resistance and which have been experimented during the first five years of the individual's life. This is the way in which everyone records and copies from others.

    While the subject matter inherent in the Parent State may be either good or bad, true or false and realistic or non-realistic, we record this as being the truth gathered from the source of all our knowledge , i.e. our parents.

    Depending upon whether these recordings are appropriate or not to an individual's future situations, the sum of these may be either a help, or, on the contrary, a hindrance to them.

    The Parent State is divided into the Nurturing Parent and the Controlling Parent.

    In this test we will examine your Nurturing Parent state, which is divided into the positive Counsellor state and the negative Rescuer state

    Reply spontaneously to the following statements. When the described behaviour fits your character or when you agree with the statement made, select the "Mainly true" box, If the contrary is true, select the "Mainly false" box.