The Tri-Variable Personality Test (written by a Clinical Psychotherapist)

  • I've written several tests - check out the other ones. The basis for this one is simple: I'm creating a matrix of three different factors by which to draw some broad conclusions about you. The less you know specifically about the variables beforehand, the better. The test will take the form of quotations; each quotation will have several possible interpretations. Nobody is alike. Three answers, or three answers derived from twelve questions is not aimed to nail your personality down and does not claim to manifest any predictive, scientific value. On the other hand; I have constructed it in a way such as the results should be meaningful or somewhat accurate; i.e. they should avoid the "Barnum Effect". This is the effect by which any given description given is vague enough that it fits you in some way. I will try to create more distinction. Cheers - Please drop by my profile and look at my other tests.