The Trick to Find new Women to Contact by Making a Compatibility Test


    Just kidding.

    I'm writing a paper about Hegel right now. Which means I'm procrastinating. Which means I thought that I'd join the bandwagon and write a compatibility test.

    Now, there's something quixotic about writing a compatibility test as a guy, because guys get a lot less attention than women on this site. (Thank [fuck] you, idiot men who spam every woman they see with form letters!) Do guys really need to be filtering it down? Part of the answer to this deep question is that, for some mysterious reason, I've finally absorbed some game, and so I'm not really lacking for female attention.

    But the deeper reason is that I'm tricky. It's a lot easier for potentially interesting women to take this test than it is to read my (looong) profile and send me a message. So now I can find women who are at least intrigued enough to take the test, but not intrigued enough to send me a message, and decide whether or not I want to contact them myself. It's all about reducing the information costs. Oooh, yeah, those econ. classes are doing some good now.