• So you drive a Jeep?

  • Hi! And welcome to my "true Jeep Wrangler driver Test."

    You've heard it said that "It's a Jeep thing..."
    If you own a Jeep then just how far have you fallen into the Jeep Cult-ure?
    This test will attempt to measure Jeepiness or whatever it is you want to call it. It was taken and adapted from one of those lists of you know you're a Jeeper if... Some of these questions were found on the Heritage Region Jeep Alliance (of which I do not represent but you are free to check out) and other questions were made up by me or found here and there in the Jeep world. There are about 50 questions all together. There is a bonus question at the end. So sit back, take the test, and at the very least I hope you are entertained.

    Check out HRJA.org

    So are you a New Jeeper?

  • Are you a Serious Jeeper?

  • Or are you a Hardcore Jeeper?
  • Take this test and let's find out!