• Hi! And welcome to my Type of Black Person Test. I'll be using a series of knowledge and intelligence questions, as well as questions that measure your response to hypothetical scenarios and questions about your history and your preferences, to determine what type of Black person you are. It was my goal to design an instrument that would be able to effectively categorize Black people along the dimensions of four variables.

    Note – You don’t have to be Black to take this test, but if you are not, the test may not properly categorize you.


    The test is 114 questions, but most of them are simple dichotomous or ordinal response (Yes, or No) items. My expectation is that the test will take you approximately 20 - 30 minutes. You may need a pencil and paper for section three. Some of the questions are matters of objective fact, but many others deal more with shades of truth and distinctions in opinions. When taking this test, don't worry about finding the "right" answer. concentrate on finding the answer that seems best to you.