• A city's skyline is the first thing you see coming in and, looking back, the last thing you see as you leave. In case you can't tell, the skyline above is Washington, DC. I figured it was only fair to show off our fair capital's skyline, but trust me, the rest don't look much like that.

    In this test I'll show you skylines of 20 major cities in the United States. Keep in mind that skylines come in many perspectives, so the skyline may look different from how you know it. Look for major landmarks you'd know. Don't worry if you have a lot of trouble; most Americans think we know skylines pretty well, but most Americans would be wrong. Good luck, and enjoy the view!

    Pictures courtesy of Google Image Search. If you have any better skyline photographs for me, please send them my way! Daylight pictures only. I'll be sure to give you credit if I use it.