• This test will determine if you are a an Ueber Geek. You may have done some other tests and the result may have been that you are quite a geek, congratulations to you, some fashionable geekness is a sure turn on these days. Sadly those tests only barely cover geekness, so a high score doesn't say a lot about true geekdom. If you manage to complete this test with a high score you can proudly call yourself an Ueber Geek. Note, Ueber Geekness has got less to do with social isolation, being a gamer, bad personal hygeine and more with a distinct incomprehensible taste, advanced analytical skills, knowing arcane facts, distinct(odd?) humour und so weiter. Many questions thus will require some deep knowledge about certain matters. And most of you probably will NOT like to get a high score, or be able to. You'll understand why once you do this test. Don't worry though, a bad score does not say anything about your intelligence or lack thereof, or your emotional skills for that matter. Finally this test does only barely cover fashion and lifestyle. A few tips I will give, often more than one answer can be correct, give what you think is the best answer. Influencing the test by answering what you think will be the geekiest probably will not work, unless you are an Ueber Geek of course.

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