• Hi! And welcome to my Ultimate Douche Bag Test. Do you often find yourself waking up in a puddle of what you hope to be your own urine? Do you often not remember how you fell asleep on a cold concrete floor next to an empty beer can...again? How many times are you going to have to wash your face because it says 'PENIS' in Sharpie marker across your forehead? If these are all common experiences, especially in your everyday life, feel free to dub yourself a 'douche bag.' However, if you don't know if you qualify as an official 'douche,' feel free to take this test. Although, if you're a real 'douche bag,' you probably don't already know this. So just take the test anyways.
  • 1
    Are you in a fraternity?

  • 2
    Do you rock the shocker more than necessary?

  • 3
    Choose one

  • 4
    If you had to choose...

  • 5
    Breasts or tits.

  • 6
    It's Friday...do you know where your drunk ass is?

  • 7
    Favorite show...and go!

  • 8
    Pick a phrase...

  • 9
    Now choose a lady friend...

  • 10
    Favorite jam out of these four?

  • 11
    What kind of wheels do you own (or borrow)?

  • 12

  • 13
    Cats or Dogs?

  • 14
    Sunglasses at night?

  • 15
    Vacation spots?

  • 16
    Out of these choices...what movie?

  • 17
    Games...which one suits you?

  • 18
    How do you wear your baseball hat?