• At last, the mysts have parted and you've come down from the clouds to bring your sweet inspiring flesh and cunning tricks of the mind to me.. I shall reach the very pinnacle of understanding beauty with you by my side, and on that table, and leaning against that tree just so.. Could you.. Could you raise that up just a little? Yes, like that. Thanks.

    But first.. Wait, beauty comes only from utter truth laid bare. So before you lay bare, answer me these questions three..

  • Shall we begin, my pet?

    Ps. This test is written with a presumption of gender. I'm a guy, looking for a muse that's not a guy. If you want though, there's really no gender bias built into the numbers.. So just imagine the genders swapped in your mind while taking the test.. It'll be more kinky that way too, which is good. Or so I've heard.. From other people..