• Sure, you like TV.  In fact, you probably share the experience and proclaim,

    "All my rowdy friends are here for TV night!"


    Despite all the big talk, how much do you *REALLY* know about the themes to those shows you have loved over the years...and still enjoy through the magic of reruns?


    There's only one way to find out...This test will give passages from different themes.  All you have to do is name the show from whose theme the line is taken.


    -- -- -- --


    A word of caution:  To make this 'The Ultimate TV Theme Test', a bit of difficulty has been added.  The line from the theme in each question may be spoken words instead of sung; and it may appear at ANY part of the theme (beginning, middle, or end).


    In the interest of fair play (and formatting this test), I am even making this easier for you by offering multiple choices.


    Another generous hint...Good things may come to those who pay attention...

    -- -- -- --


    So..."Won't you be my neighbor" and take the test today?