• 1
    In the film "Full Metal Jacket", what sweet is found in Gomer Pyle's foot locker that gets the whole batallion in trouble?

  • 2
    What prog rock outfit had a hit with their song "Lucky Man"?

  • 3
    Spot the fiction novel penned by WWE Hardcore Legend Mick Foley.

  • 4
    Which of the following has NOT been a lead singer for Dead Kennedys?

  • 5
    According to "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader", if given the chance, what do earthworms like to eat?

  • 6
    In their early days, What Californian bar frequently hosted Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention?

  • 7
    Comic Johnathan Katz is currently battling what degenerative disease?

  • 8
    In a Gallop poll, what car was voted "Worst of the Millenium"?

  • 9
    "Stupid Girl" was a late-1990s hit for what alternative band?

  • 10
    What weighs more: a pound of gold, a pound of silver, or a pound of feathers?

  • 11
    What battery company unsuccessully used a rubbery-bodied family called The Puttermans to try to sell their battery, only to have people creeped out by them more than anything?

  • 12
    What was the subtitle of the 4th Nightmare on Elm Street Film?

  • 13
    Early in his acting career, Joaquin Phoenix used to go by his birth name of:

  • 14
    What cellular company's slogan was "Join In!"?

  • 15
    To promote eharmony.com, what song is used in their advertising?

  • 16
    On "Futurama", what is Bender's full name?

  • 17
    Who provided the voice of Oven Mitt for those Arby's commercials?

  • 18
    What fast food chain was known for its made-from-scatch breakfast biscuits?

  • 19
    According to "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader", how many atoms are in a grain of salt?

  • 20
    In the movie "Throw Momma from the Train", what did Owen title his children's pop-up book?

  • 21
    What breed of dog is Ren on "Ren and Stimpy"?

  • 22
    Chris Elliott starred as 30-year-old paperboy Chris Peterson on what cult sitcom?

  • 23
    On "The Real World: San Fransisco (Season 4)", what obnoxious housemate was kicked out?

  • 24
    Early in his acting career, Mike Connors went by this nickname.

  • 25
    What mascot for Bud Light was "in the doghouse" back in the late 1980s with parental watchdog groups for his supposed encouragement of underage drinking?

  • 26
    Coca-Cola's "energy soda" Vault has drawn taste comparisons to this defunct 1ate-1990s "energy soda", also put out by the Coca-Cola company.

  • 27
    What unappealing thing do we catch Mad Max consuming while standing watch over the power station in "The Road Warrior"?

  • 28
    What is the name of Richie Rich's chauffeur?

  • 29
    Coca-cola caused another soda stir in the 1990s with this soda that relied more on its marketing campaign than its taste.

  • 30
    What's the name of Will Ferrell's character in "Anchorman"?

  • 31
    Who makes the funny "TV Funhouse" cartoons for "Saturday Night Live"?

  • 32
    What's the capital of Missouri?

  • 33
    What is unique about "A Charlie Brown Christmas"?

  • 34
    Who was the original lead singer for the Canadian band The Guess Who?

  • 35
    Your typical 20 ounce soda bottle could also be called:

  • 36
    For "The New Archies", supernerd Dilton Doiley was replaced with this similar-natured gifted black student:

  • 37
    According to Bob, in the Cheech and Chong routine "Let's Make a Dope Deal", how many joints are in a lid?

  • 38
    Country legends Buck Owens and Roy Clark made themseves a comfortable living creating this show:

  • 39
    Steve McQueen is a cop who plays by his own rules in what groundbreaking action flick?

  • 40
    This short-lived Comedy Central series pitted 2 people with a grievence to settle a score:

  • 41
    Per capita, what country has more donut shops than any other?

  • 42
    What band scored hits with such songs as "Give a Little Bit", "Dreamer", and "Breakfast in America"?

  • 43
    What was the title of the legendary Scorsese-directed final concert of The Band?

  • 44
    Who was the original publisher of MAD Magazine?

  • 45
    Larry Flynt is the founder and publisher of what he calls "the vilest, sickest, most depraved, and greatest magazine ever made!" Which is?

  • 46
    What country/rock badboy earned the nickname "The Killer"?

  • 47
    In "Coming to America", Eddie Murphy is prince of what fictional African nation?

  • 48
    Which of the following actors has NOT been a regular on "ER"?

  • 49
    What name does the wisecracking "alive" robot in "Short Circuit" bestow upon himself?

  • 50
    What shaving cream advertises itself as "The Beard Buster"?

  • 51
    How are Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez related?

  • 52
    At the time of his death, this actor had children ranging in age from less than a year to over 60, all legitimate:

  • 53
    What band scored a one-hit-wonder with their tune "Turning Japanese" in the early 1980s?

  • 54
    Hard as it may be to believe, this group is the ONLY one on this list to have a #1 hit!:

  • 55
    What's the name of the man Lloyd Kaufman founded TROMA Entertainment with?

  • 56
    Which of these is NOT a type of evergreen tree?

  • 57
    Which of these IS a type of evergreen tree?

  • 58
    On "Mystery Science Theater 3000", what does the "T" in Crow T. Robot's name stand for?

  • 59
    What is the chemical formula for aspirin?

  • 60
    Stand-up comic Gregg Turkington is better know by his stage persona of:

  • 61
    Who played the ubernerd Lucas in the 1980s film of the same name?

  • 62
    What film does NOT feature Winona Ryder?

  • 63
    She portrayed Nancy Thompson in 3 of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" films:

  • 64
    For his song "Rumble", what was pioneering rock instumentalist Link Wray's backup band called?

  • 65
    In his early career, what was Johnny Cash's backup band called?

  • 66
    What Southeastern Conference college football team is known as Crimson Tide?

  • 67
    Where were the NBA team Utah Jazz originally from?

  • 68
    The small region of Biafra tried to break off of what African nation to become their own country in the 1970s?

  • 69
    What is the national capital of Zimbabwe?

  • 70
    In the comic strip "Garfield", what was the name of the man who was John's roommate in the early 1980s?

  • 71
    Prior to his career in adult entertainment, Ron Jeremy was actually:

  • 72
    In his song "Get in the Ring", Axl Rose challenged all these magazine publishers to a boxing match, and one actually called his bluff! (Axel, wuss he is, backed down.) Which one?

  • 73
    This late, great British comic played "The Impressive Clergyman" in "The Princess Bride":

  • 74
    "I Remember You" was a big power ballad hit for this hair metal group in 1989:

  • 75
    "Save Tonight" was the only American hit for this one-hit-wonder in 1997:

  • 76
    Who provided the lyrics for Andrew Lloyd Webber's music in "Jesus Christ: Superstar"?

  • 77

    Which of the following Muppets was NOT voiced by Jim Henson?

  • 78
    Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury was raised in this little-known religion:

  • 79
    In what country did Rastafarianism originate?

  • 80
    Who are The Smothers Brothers?

  • 81
    Who provided the voice for B.P. Richfield on the ABC series "Dinosaurs"?

  • 82
    In the Travis Tritt video "Tell Me I Was Dreaming", what is the name of Tritt's character's wife?

  • 83
    Accoding to "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader", what is 99% of the universe made up of?

  • 84
    What was the 1st commercially available roll toilet tissue?

  • 85
    He was the author of such books as "Breakfast of Champions", "Cat's Cradle" and "Mother Night":

  • 86
    Who was the 12th president of the United States?

  • 87
    Who was the 12th VICE President of the United States?

  • 88
    This author created the aristocratic cannibal serial killer Hannibal Lecter (the 8th):

  • 89
    What is the name of the philosphy coined by "The Fountainhead" author Ayn Rand?

  • 90
    Hannibal Lecter was first played by this noted Scottish actor in the 1987 film "Manhunter":

  • 91
    Before a lawsuit filed by the company this band was named after forced a name-shortening, pop/jazz/folk/rock band Chicago was known as:

  • 92
    This blues/county/rock group has had hits with "Lonesome Loser", "Amie", and the 8-minute "DJ bathroom break song" "It's a Long Way There":

  • 93
    This controversial sci-fi author created the Lazarus Long series:

  • 94
    You can only enjoy this specialty-flavored Mountain Dew brand at select Taco Bell outlets:

  • 95
    This 1990s Mtv series gave us the serial adventures of such characters as "The Head" and "The Maxx":

  • 96
    When the topic of the show was obscentity, Penn & Teller jokingly retitled their show BULLS#!T:

  • 97
    Offbeat performer Herbert Khaury made a name for himself under what stage name?

  • 98
    Which of the following was NOT a name of one of punk legend GG Allin's bands?

  • 99
    VeggieTales is a computer-animated Christian cartoon featuring a variety of talking Vegetables and Fruits, hosted by these two items of produce. Correctly identify the type of produce with their proper name.

  • 100
    What is 3 plus 3 multiplied by 3 minus 3 divided by 3?