• Ever wonder about the world around you,
    Why things work the way they do?
    Riddle me curious, someone's gotta have a clue,
    Knowledge to impart, how about you?

    So take the challenge
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    So you can be
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    People should have a general understanding about how the world around them works. I'm not sure schools do a good job of teaching this or if people make these connections to real world situations in the classes that they take. Most of the questions in this test are "big picture" and of a scientific nature--stuff like why something is used to do something or just why something IS the way it is. I tried hard to avoid jargon where possible. Hopefully people will learn something as they're taking the test. Corrections and suggestions are welcome. I'm sure that there will be nitpicky people. Pick the BEST or MOST COMPLETE answer, and you should do fine.

    Ok, the test is back up. I had to edit it a bit since OKC was being *ahem* uncooperative about putting it back up, but almost nobody should notice the difference. Enjoy.