• Ah, the myriad of mysteries that is our underwear. MOST of us wear it. Of course, some people like to go commando, and truth be told they probably go through a great deal more washing as a result. I digress.


    The real question is, which underwear would most accurately mirror your personality? Are you suited to the free 'n easy feel of underwearlessness? Perhaps your personality is symbolic of practical cotton briefs. Maybe you're more of a lacy number. Maybe you're suited to a high-maintenance chain-link contraption.


    Keep in mind, we're not looking at what underwear you ACTUALLY wear. After all, a lot of us change tastes all the time - silk thong one day, leather torture contraption the next. This is about which form of underwear or potential undergarment, serious or silly, would suit your personality.


    So, to find out which form of intimate apparel is your embodiment, simply click ahead.



    CREATED: June 17, 2006.

    UPDATED: October 24, 2008.