• Welcome… to the dream you just might be; I’m not one to lie and I hope you’re not one to lie either but strangely enough I find people are somewhat more honest in these test and so I have created one. This experiment will test five principles I have long considered to find love.


    You should know the questions entailed do not encompass all of me, or all that I could ever want from a woman but serves as more of a for instance, a conversation piece, to understand if we would ever have a chance of being together. I can only imagine what I will become should this develop but for now there only lies my limited experiences and the shape of a man’s desire. Perhaps you would have me desire all that you are, but for now I will settle with the simplicity which is I Want You, To Want Me.


    How I would imagine you are all I want you to be, both novel and notebook, I suppose we shall see…


    May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor