The Unusually Accurate What Deity Should You Worship Test

  • (I can't believe how many of you have taken this test and dug it...that's awesome! If you have further comments, please feel free to msg me.."uh, yah, Malaz could you make a test that has...stuff like like that)

    Gud testing!


    (For those of you who've taken the test and gotten the "everybody else reponse" I've revamped the scoring system...a 4th time...better luck this time!


    This test isn't meant to to be "fun"

    (it will be fun but that's not the point)

    It's really to help you determine what gods you should be worshiping. Now, I hear you saying, "man, is this guy serious?" but I'm telling you, if you haven't got one (or 12) or you're looking into other deities because the god you've got isn't really working out, this test can help.

    Perhaps you've never thought about trading up? Maybe you didn't think it was possible, or right?


    Hey, believe me, the gods understand.

    Yes, I am a polytheist, so this isn't tongue in cheek. :)

    This test will not include references to Greek or Roman deities. This test will not include references to any monotheist deities. This test will not include references to "my deity is simply a reflection of my self" nor will it insinuate that you are or can be "a god."

    The creator of this test believes "gods" are nicknames for very real, but unknowable/unnamable forces in the world.

    I will put in some humorous things, and you will probably laugh, then laughing time will be over.


    (and then you will laugh again, because you will realize I am being both very serious and very silly at the same time)

  • This test is long-winded...sorry...but...if you're really interested in your results, you'll stick with it.