• Please be welcome! Star Control 2 was a science-fiction game with a rich storyline released in the early nineteens. This test will determine which of its alien species best represents you by asking 19 questions. You can choose to skip questions as you like.


    Captain, we have an incoming transmission! Let's see what they want, shall we?

  • Attention unidentified space vessel! Our energy cores are exhausted and our scanners and deep radar are non-functional.

    We cannot identify your vessel.

    Are you a friendly visitor or are you ready to shoot wads of super-heated plasma our way?


    Please identify yourself!




    Looong disclaimer you don't need to read: The content of this test was mainly taken and modified from the in-game dialogues as well as the websites 'Ultronomicon' and 'The Pages of Now and Forever'. Thanks guys! This quiz has been brought to you by Frungy, the sport of kings! No Nnngn were hurt during the making of this test. Any inaccuracies are deliberate.