• ...and then i started thinking about rice... this test is a personality analysis that scores you in terms of just a few of the many types of rice in the world. call me a gourmet, but... well, just call me a gourmet.

    i found this really odd website it's like a choose your own adventure with a bowl of rice as the main character.

  • 1
    My eyes are

  • 2
    Regarding tattoos, I have

  • 3
    In my free time, I prefer

  • 4
    I'm most likely to eat

  • 5
    I love my family.

  • 6
    As far as movies go,

  • 7
    The person who best represents my sense of humour:

  • 8
    I drive a foreign (with respect to where I live) car.

  • 9
    I drink

  • 10
    Pornography makes me feel

  • 11
    Currently, my hair is

  • 12
    My list of favourite plants might include

  • 13
    I live my life