• 99.99% of us know what 1 + 1 is. Or at least we like to think so. But what about other points of simple math? It's been at least a decade since someone forced you to review your 'times tables' and whatnot, so who knows, you may have forgotten a thing or 1+1. This test aims to see if you still know it all.

    NOTE: This test works on a PASS-FAIL scale. You must get all questions right or your score will be incredibly low and the word 'MORON' will be your official title, or, if you prefer 'IDIOT'.

    NOTE: Looks like the test scoring thing is finally fixed. So you so-called geniuses don't have to message me about how it says you got a perfect score of 11 when there were only 15 questions. Now who's laughing. That's right, Chester A. Arthur.

    Ok, I fixed the two errors that everyone has been whining about. No more extra period in the crab salad question, and now marshmAllow is spelled right. You people complain about the most inane things.