• Hello, and welcome to the Very Difficult Jem Test.  I never grew up with this, *ahem,* OUTRAGEOUS childrens' show, but having discovered it in my adult life, I've developed a great love for it, both in terms of its unrelenting campiness, and its actual... well... outrageousness!

    Along the way, I've amassed an unnecessary level of Jem trivia knowledge, from animation slip-ups to song lyrics, from trivial details to an "extra" character reused outside of context... if it escaped my eye the first time around, it certainly didn't the next dozen times I watched each episode.  Perhaps you're the same way? 

    That's what this test is going to find out- just how much pointless and interesting information have you picked up from these cartoons?  If you thought it would never, ever come in handy, well, I guess you were wrong, 'cause you're gonna use it now.