• Now even MORE RELEVANT to your pointless existence on this exchange of information and emoticons that is OkCupid.

    This is the [edited] Absurdist Drama test. It is short. It is very important. There is violence and dance numbers and shittr a la mode and you're all part of it somehow. This is why we are here. This test will determine what piece of absurdist theatre represents you best. I will determine this for you because I know these things maybe even more than you know yourself in relation to metatheatrics and the russian avant-garde of the 1900's.

    This is something very important to your existence, and surely it can help you find the love of your life on OkCupid. You were Cloud 9? I was Christmas at the Ivanovs! OMG MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN LOLZ.

    If you find yourself akin to absurdist theatre or if you think it's all pointless drama or if you have no opinion whatsoever and just want to answer questions and maybe feel better about your existence afterwards, continue on. Alexander Vvedenski will not judge you for he is dead.