• This is pretty easy if youve seen the movie.
  • 1
    What year did 'Pretty in Pink' come out?

  • 2
    What artist performed 'Pretty in Pink?'

  • 3
    What is the name of Andie's co-worker?

  • 4
    Why does Andie wake her father up at the beginning of the movie?

  • 5
    What band is playing during the club scene?

  • 6
    What's the name of the club?

  • 7
    what OMD song was playing during the prom scene?

  • 8
    What word does Andie use to describe Blane to her father?

  • 9
    "Andie, you're a bitch." Who's quote?

  • 10
    What was the name of the record store that Andie worked at?

  • 11
    What kind of car did Andie drive?

  • 12
    What is the movie rated?

  • 13
    Who is Duckie in love with?

  • 14
    What color is Andie's prom dress?

  • 15
    At the beginning of the movie her father asks her about her outfit. She says that she made everything but the ________.

  • 16
    Where is the film set?

  • 17
    What does Duckie do if he really likes a girl?

  • 18
    How does Blane get Andie to talk to without her blowing him off?

  • 19
    Why is Andie's dad depressed?

  • 20
    Who was pretty in pink?