The Very Straightforward Sexual Compatibility (Pour les Femmes!) Test

  • **'..provocative and funny.. it really turned me on! **You are a very interesting man..' **'Your test was fun, also provocative in a good way,hehe.. thanks!' **'You're a pervert. I hate you!'


    Using only my bare hands and a sneaky array of forensic profiling skills, I'd like to explore our possible sexual compatibility based on three key areas: sensual reciprocity, sexual sophistication, and a near-total abandonment of responsibility.. I mean, 'a playful disregard for the illusion of control'. Ahem.. :)


    I've put together some scenarios which I hope you will find playful, provocative, and revealing - and I invite you to test the water with me. Come on in! You'll love it. I just know you will :)


    The Libertine speaks:


    "Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled.


    "Now as to the matter of the Test before you, I am aware already as to whom of you are Women, and which of you are Dogs; though I like a canine in his place I choose not to have a Dog sniffing about my Tarse. 


    "Try, instead, to formulate a strategy per which you may captivate a mate whose character and breeding more closely resemble your own. In short, do as Dogs do, and find your own Bitches.


    "Ladies, an announcement: you will not leave this engagement by the same door as you came in, nor in the same state of modesty. I give you fair warning."