• Hi! And welcome to my vetanry basics Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. this test is the very basics do not think you are an expert if you score high. you are not. you could be but not because your good at this test (no matter what the results say) just wanted to point out if any of you are vet nurses and you relise any mistakes then please contact me
  • 1
    what is a brachiocephalic dog? (forgive spelling)

  • 2
    lateral recumbancy?(once again i cant spell i spell it as it sounds)

  • 3

  • 4
    aseptic? means?

  • 5
    if an animal is servily (once again sorry) under wieght but it eats often and quite a fair bit, what of the following is NOT a possibilty.

  • 6
    what to do do in the prep room?

  • 7
    situation: an animal hasnt urinated in atleast a day and ahalf it is in incredible pain and the urea in the blood is through the roof! what is the possiblity?

  • 8
    what is a good medicine to treat copper storage disease?

  • 9
    medical history: who inveted the vaccine

  • 10
    endotracheal tube? what is it?