• 1
    The Monarch has been blogging. Where did he meet his new fake girlfriend?

  • 2
    Hank attempts to kill Dr. Venture. He uses a _____________, then _____________, and finally _____________.

  • 3
    Number 24's real name is __________ __________ and looks like __________ __________.

  • 4
    Number 21's real name is __________ __________ and looks like __________ __________.

  • 5
    Professional Villainy is approximately broken down as follows:

  • 6
    When Dean is reading from Col. Gentleman's journal about "the bitches being in rare form," all Hank wants to hear more about is __________.

  • 7
    According to Professor Impossible, in Physics class Dr. Venture was all of the following except:

  • 8
    Number 24 owns a __________.

  • 9
    Hank exclaimed: "It feels like somebody with a fever is yelling at my pants!" He's referring to:

  • 10
    The Monarch is not into costume play, he is into __________.

  • 11
    There is a tee-pee in Hank's pants - due to this he's afraid of __________.

  • 12
    The Monarch's new (fake) girlfriend, while trying to escape the Cocoon's catacombs, runs into a door which has:

  • 13
    When 24 and 21 get jetpacks they decide they also need new villainy costumes - they get these new costumes from?

  • 14
    The original Dean and Hank were mothered by?

  • 15
    What does it mean "The original Dean and Hank"?

  • 16
    Honest Abe's first action after possessing Dean is?

  • 17
    Who said: "Compomise, my friend, is the essence of diplomacy and diplomacy is the cornerstone of love."?

  • 18
    What removes Dr. Venture's Cobalt Battery Powered Force Field?

  • 19
    The Monarch steals Pens, Post-It's and Copy Paper from __________ after raiding the wrong address in an attempt to attack Dr. Venture's compound.