• This test will measure Truth, Love and Courage in you to find which of the eight virtues of the Avatar most resonates with you.

    The Quest of the Avatar is a recent story that feels like it should have some ancient tradition attached to it. The test is fun stuff even if you have no idea who Chuckles is or where any of this comes from.

    The eight virtues were first grouped together by the game designers behind the popular Ultima series in part IV of that line of games. The questions you find in this test are not the same ones from the in-game gypsy fortune telling of the game, but will similarly find your path among the three principals.

    This test is more fun if you answer honestly rather than try to coerce a result. Obviously it can be fooled just by lying about how you feel, so please don't be the boring sort of person who does that, or you won't really find out your path.

    Warning: answer all the questions or you won't get a result. The scoring is set up to eliminate all incomplete tests.

    This test borrows liberally from the story Quest of the Avatar. So far, the concepts are used without permission, but I'm hoping the authors will embrace this homage to them. If they complain, I'll yank it.