• "The Voight-Kampff test is designed for use by police units in the field to determine if an unknown subject is a Replicant" - that's what it says in the manual. Replicants. You know. Skin Jobs.

    This isn't a trivia test; although some of the questions may appear similar to what you've seen on cop shows, the answers are genuine VK results, not some screenwriter's fabrications. They're written down for me, right here.

    Since we don't have a correctly aimed and timed camera to monitor for eye dilation and facial blush, nor a phenerome monitor, nor a breath-rate sensor, we'll have to trust you to follow the directions _as given_. Specifically, quickly read the description of a situation.

  • AS SOON AS YOU FINISH READING THE DESCRIPTION - CLICK YOUR "IMMEDIATE EMOTIONAL RESPONSE" result. You must not wait to stop and think. Time is a factor, so try to answer as quickly as possible. If you can't click within one second, SKIP and move on.

  • THEN - WAIT ONE SECOND (taking your hand off the mouse and putting them back on is adequate). - CLICK YOUR "DELAYED EMOTIONAL RESPONSE" result. Again, if you can't click within one second, SKIP and move on.

  • THEN - take your time, and pick your third response, the "LOGICAL CHAIN" answer.
  • Please don't go back and change your answers after you click even if they're wrong; that would spoil the results. Self-inconsistency is one factor we consider in deciding whether you live or die. Similarly, whether you answer a question or choose to skip it may have a drastic impact on your future employment possibilities. Go ahead and skip a question if you would remain silent when confronted by the VK test machine. Of course, if you skip it, that may count against you. Or it might not.

    Good luck... oh- and by the way, there are 21 questions (3 per page) with one scenario per page (so you shouldn't need to scroll- that takes time and time, as we have said,is a factor). There are 16 possible results, and this test _does_ check to see if you're trying to... um... _hide_ something. You wouldn't have any reason to do that, would you?