• Hello and welcome to the Volvo suitability test.  This is an informal test assembled by long term Volvo owners, it is not affiliated with Volvo in any way.   Not everyone is cut out for a Volvo, some of you may be better suited for other brands, and this test will help decide.  Good luck!
  • 1

    Have you ever owned a Volvo before?

  • 2

    If you answered yes, was the Volvo pre-owned or was it purchased new?

  • 3

    If you have owned other Volvo cars, how many?

  • 4

    What is your prime reason for seeking a Volvo at this time?

  • 5

    If cost were no object, would you rather have a Volvo or a BMW in your driveway?

  • 6

    If you said Volvo, why?

  • 7

    If you said BMW, why?

  • 8

    Have you ever posted on a car forum or blog?

  • 9

    What is your on-the-road driving demeanor?

  • 10

    Would you consider a car built in the Pacific Rim?

  • 11

    If you had a vehicle with 400 horsepower would you

  • 12

    Would you consider a little vibration in the steering wheel a problem when at idle?

  • 13

    Are active headlights that turn with the steering wheel a consideration?

  • 14

    Would you consider or require AWD (All Wheel Drive)?

  • 15

    Are you more in favor of larger normally aspirated motors, or smaller turbocharged engines?

  • 16

    What do you value most about automotive styling?

  • 17

    What is most important to you in an interior

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  • 18

    Would you expect to see a Republican or Democrat bumper sticker on a Volvo.

  • 19

    What is your personal lifestyle?

  • 20

    Do you consider yourself to be an informed automotible enthusiast?

  • 21

    What do you think when you see a BMW in the rear view mirror?

  • 22

    When it comes to performance, are you inclined to add aftermarket features to the car?

  • 23

    Do you valet park?

  • 24

    How would you compare a Volvo to a Lexus?

  • 25

    What would you think about seeing a Mercedes in your driveway?

  • 26

    How important is horsepower and torque?

  • 27

    How many cars do you acquire during a course of a 5-year time frame?

  • 28

    How do other people think of your driving?

  • 29

    Are you an administrator on a Volvo forum?

  • 30

    If you visited a Volvo forum and heard someone whining about Volvo, would it make a difference to you?

  • 31

    Is towing important?

  • 32

    Who would have the greatest degree of credibility when discussing Volvo products?

  • 33

    What kind of a status symbol is a Volvo in your mind?

  • 34

    If you bought a Volvo, new or pre-owned, what would bve your choice in aftermarket products?