• Hi! And welcome to my Wanna Take the Bar Exam For Me Test. I'm studying for the bar exam right now. And quite frankly, it kind of makes me want to jab the pen I use to take notes into my eye every couple of minutes or so. No, seriously. I can't imagine WHY you would have clicked this test because only an insane masochist would WANT to take the bar exam. But, since you appear to be a glutton for punishment, I may as well indulge you (also, I needed a SERIOUS study break that wasn't a complete departure from studying.)

    So, here's how it goes. Unlike me, you're only going to get the multiple choice questions. Ordinarily, you'd have to write a shitload of essays and maybe a performance exam (and, if you have the... colorful background I have, you'd have to take a character and fitness test too). But, the multiple choice stuff IMHO, is the hardest there is. Six types of questions: Constitutional Law, Property, Evidence, Criminal Law/Procedure, Contracts, and Torts. I'm not going to tell you which ones are which or how many of a particular category you're going to get, because you don't get to know that on the bar exam.

    I'll give you ONE hint: remember to look for the CALL OF THE QUESTION. Bar exam questions tend to have answers that are right, and then answers that are more right. Yea, it's a bitch, isn't it.

    These are, of course, multistate questions - so state specific law doesn't count (unless otherwise written into the question). Good luck!

  • Due to popular request (and some hate mail...), I will now let you know that in order to pass this test, the MOST you can miss and still pass is THREE questions. Although, due to the sheer amount of people failing it, the bar examiners would probably curve it a little more. For any of you that score an 11, you'd probably actually pass just due to the fact that so many others bombed it.