• A Way is much less the physical path a person walks down, and much more the metaphorical “Path” that one takes through his or her life, and the changes wrought in the person by that journey.

    Typically the only two Ways normally recognized by a person (if any at all) are the Tao, the constantly changing “Great Way” of everything in the universe, and the Way of the Warrior.

    This test is to judge you on your way down the path of the Warrior.

    War-ri-or (n.)
    One who is engaged or experienced in battle.

    Unless you have just crawled out from under a rock, you ought to know what a warrior is. As one of the major archetypes generally attributed to masculinity (although women may also be warriors), the Warrior has had a major hand in shaping our history as a species, and without a doubt will continue to into the distant future.

    I once heard an analogy that the martial arts were birthed when two cavemen beat each other with rocks over something. The loser of the fight decided that he would practice with using his rock more skillfully, and when they fought again he won the battle with his newfound mastery of the rock. From early hunter-gatherers, to early Mesopotamian warriors, to Roman soldiers and Vikings, to medieval knights and samurai, and to our modern soldiers and mercenaries, the history of the Warrior is as deep as the history of humankind.

    A Warrior is not just someone who kills skillfully. He follows his own code, whether it be chivalry, bushido, or one of the many others. He is unique in his desire for mental, physical, and spiritual perfection, whereas other Ways seek out one or two of these traits. When speaking of The Way, the Warrior is the most deserving of such recognition.

    Updated: 7/26/06 - Minor scoring tweaking. Stay tuned, I'm going to rewrite this test at some point in the future.