• Hi! And welcome to my Weird is Sexy: Weird Al Fan Test.

    In the past months I have decided to become a true Weird Al geek. Why? Let’s face it: Weird Al is hot—-and probably my soul mate, once removed. However, since he failed to realize this before marrying some perfectly lovely gal, I thought I’d at least up my nerd quotient by creating a test. Not since age 8 and Shaun Cassidy have I put this much energy into a man I will never meet....yea! regression! Woo-hoo!

    There is at least one other Weird Al test on here and I recommend it as well (this one draws more on newer material.) Some of these questions are rather easy if you are a fan and others require a really good memory or unreasonable obsessiveness--that is, they are tough! There will also be a few questions just to test your own personal weirdness (just for giggles.) Good luck and have fun!

  • (Please note that image quality of the pictures I have used varies a lot. Some of the older pictures or concert pictures still seemed worth using even if they are a bit blurry.) This is my first test and I've tried to make sure there are no errors but if you find one, please let me know in a kind and friendly way.