• Hi! And welcome to my Well Read Test. I will give you a few different sections. One dealing with authors. One asking if you've read the book. One that is a mix of things that I am not sure of yet. Also, there is a penalty for skipping a question.
  • 1
    Who wrote Les Miserables?

  • 2
    Who authored Caunterbury Tales?

  • 3
    Who wrote A Tale of Two Cities?

  • 4
    Who was the author of Crime and Punishment?

  • 5
    Have you read 1984?

  • 6
    Have you ever read Schindlers List?

  • 7
    Read Don Quioxte?

  • 8
    Read Billy Budd?

  • 9
    Have you read A Midsummer Night's Dream?

  • 10
    Have you read The Scarlet Letter?

  • 11
    Do you think that classical literature is dying out?

  • 12
    Do you read for pleasure or only when forced?

  • 13
    Do you re-read books?

  • 14
    What is the purpose of books?

  • 15
    How many books to you read in a year?