• WTF doesn't even begin to describe this test. You've seen the commercials, but have you ever considered exactly what would you do for a Klondike Bar? In this test you will be provided with various scenarios. I will be tracking your stubbornness and how many illegal/dangerous activities you are willing to partake in. Your goal of course is to get that elusive Klondike Bar. You won't get it by playing it safe, but if you take too many chances you may die or get arrested.

    At this point I feel it is imperative to mention that this is meant to be a ridiculous test. It will not offer sexual advice, nor will it tell you if we should date. It is refreshingly bizarre. I have spent many hours working on it. Why? I'm not sure. But I hope you will enjoy my test.

    By the way...
    There are 6 ways to get the Klondike Bar, 6 ways to die, and 5 scenarios where you live, but don't get the bar.
    Finally, a note on the scoring.  In order to allow for the 17 different scenarios, I had to use some slightly complicated math.  Therefore your final scores won't mean a lot to you, but they will allow me to figure out how you answered the questions.  If you've never written a test on here, you may be surprised at how hard it is to come up with categories.  Even a simple yes or no test with 18 questions has over 250,000 possible outcomes.  But enough of this, let's get started!