• Marilyn Monroe; ultimate Blonde Bombshell.
  • A BOMBSHELL is a (usually) beautiful woman, with a gregarious, alluring, inviting and charismatic personality. A Bombshell has the "it" factor. She is a sex symbol; Men want her and women want to be her. Lana Turner summed this up when she said, "I've never known what it is I was supposed to have had. All I do know is that sex-appeal isn't make-believe. It's not the way you look or the way you walk or the way you smile, it's the way you are." According to the Bombshell Manuel of Style by Lauren Stover, a Bombshell is "full of contradictions; a combustible blend of confidence and vulnerability. Sauce and naïveté... She behaves as if all life's a move in which she is the star." On Retrokittykat.com, there is a section that explains the differences in Bombshell personas. There it states that "Most bombshells seem to embody one characteristic or trait heavily; but every bombshell it seems is made up of most or all of these very different but related personas." These different personas include: The Vixen, the Vamp, the Pin-Up Girl and the Sophisticate. The PURPOSE of This test will help you figure out what kind of Bombshell you are? Have Fun and Enjoy! :)
  • Me-Yarrr!!! Test away Matey!

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