• Hi welcome to my beginner test to see how well u partially know me!! now u could probably pass this test by my profile but to really do well, u need to know alittle more/ put things together!!!!!! enjoy
  • 1
    Where did i spend my childhood(0-12)?

  • 2
    What was my first Dog?

  • 3
    What was the Name of my first dog?

  • 4
    What country did i fall in love with in 2003?

  • 5
    The Most memorable kiss ever(so far) and where? There is 2 answers, but one is the real one!! the 2nd one is the first kiss ever!!

  • 6
    What was the First car and last car i suped up!? Next to bike i raced!

  • 7
    Unfortunately, the one few times i got drunk on New years, who went down on my that night because i was flirting with this person(then i thought i was dreaming and said a few things alittle to loud)!!!

  • 8
    What did i major in at UTSA?

  • 9
    What do i not like the most?

  • 10
    What is the next Dog i'm most likely to get and the name?