• Hi! And welcome to my What am I Thinking Test Test. It is said that men (and lately lot's of women) spend most of thier time thinking about sex... Let's take this test and see if it is really true. Not only are you thinking about it, but how badly are you thinking about it? Some of these are meant to make you laugh, some are really serious!
  • 1
    The first thing I do when I wake up each morning is...

  • 2
    When I first meet someone of the opposite sex for the first time, my first thought of them is

  • 3
    You just met the brother/sister of your best friend for the first time... Do you immediately think of how hot they are?

  • 4
    You have met someone at a family reunion that you later fantasized about being lovers with

  • 5
    You masturbate before going to sleep each night always with someone you met in passing that day...

  • 6
    Porn only interests you if it involves Someone you know