The What are you really looking for on OkCupid Test

  • Have you ever wondered whether your profile reflects your real self, serves a certain purpose, or is but a heap of random thoughts and misleading suggestions? Do you know the real driving force that brought you to OkCupid in the first place and has kept you here ever since? In other words, do you understand yourself?

    The test I offer will analyse your personal preferences and try to find certain patterns in your online behaviour. Hopefully, this will reveal your true intentions and desires, perhaps unconscious, and place you into one of the fourteen categories of OkCupid users. Descriptions of these categories will be given after the results page, so you'll be able to compare your scores with those of other people.

    If your self-awareness is rock-solid, most likely the test will simply confirm what you know already and add a nice badge to your test scores. If, however, the result is a total surprise for you, think twice before dismissing it - there is a good chance that you've just stumbled upon something important about yourself, and the "Settings" section in your profile needs at least a second glance.

    So, are you ready? Good luck then!