• This test is going to measure compatibility with me on three different levels with women (NOT MEN!). First Philia, or friendship; do we have enough common interests and how we view friendship to be just friends. Next Agape, or having unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the good of another; are you the type where I may fall in love with you in a non-sexual relationship. Lastly, Eros, or sexual love and desire. Each has its own section and there is a fourth that will affect more than one variable.

    This is a revision of a previous test I made. Not a whole lot has changed on the surface. A couple new questions and rewording, but the scoring was the biggest change. Still, though a bit easier to get, getting high scores on all three should still be fairly difficult.

    I have another test for either gender for becoming e-pals only for online friendship. It is more fair (as some of the questions here shouldn't matter for online friendship) and should be easier to get higher scores... unless e-palling isn't your thing! Here it is: The Would We Be Good E-Pals Test.