• Walk through the checkout line at any local supermarket and you'll see them: the embarrassingly eye-catching tabloid rags that let you know on a weekly basis who is dating whom, what marriages are breaking up, and who is fighting with their ex. There's so much turmoil in the romantic life of a movie star--it's clear that they should give up on one another and start dating us! Here's the test that will tell you which celebrity you are most compatible with. After that, you're on your own...stalking them is all on you. Bear in mind, this test is for those who are interested in dating women. So in the end, you'll be paired with a female celebrity. I'm currently in the process of writing the version that will match you to a guy. In the meantimn, enjoy this one! P.S. There are 24 potential outcomes, so if you're not pleased with your result, give it another shot... Either way, give me a good test rating, the pictures alone should be worth it, right?

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