The What Do You Know About Children, Anyway? Test

  • 1
    You have a 3 month-old baby. She's crying hysterically, and has been fed and changed. You:

  • 2
    The best position for putting a baby to sleep is on her:

  • 3
    What does SIDS stand for?

  • 4
    True or False: A prolonged case of hiccups can cause an infant to go into cardiac arrest.

  • 5
    True or False: Picking up a baby (less than 2 years of age) every time she cries will spoil her, and she'll come to expect it.

  • 6
    The purpose of shoes for a baby who's not yet walking is:

  • 7
    When is a good idea to make the switch from a crib to a bed?

  • 8
    Why do babies cry on airplanes?

  • 9
    What is middle child syndrome?

  • 10
    How many extracurricular activities (those which take place outside of school), on average, would you say is healthy for a child aged 10 or under?

  • 11
    Do you feel confident in assisting an 8 year-old with his math homework?

  • 12
    Recent studies report that teens are waiting longer to have sex. This is because:

  • 13
    Is watching tv with your children considered to be "quality time?"

  • 14
    Your 6 year-old son has fallen off his bike and scraped his knee, but is otherwise fine. He is crying hysterically. You:

  • 15
    Do you know the difference between discipline and punishment?

  • 16
    Discipline happens ______ a wrongdoing has occurred.

  • 17
    What's the closest statement to your feelings about limits placed on children?

  • 18
    Dating (not as a group) should not take place until age:

  • 19
    Do you know the warning signs of drug use in kids?

  • 20
    Which one of the following is NOT a warning sign of drug use in kids?

  • 21
    Is reading to children more about feeding their knowledge or spending quality time?

  • 22
    Your 3 year-old son loves playing with Barbie dolls and wearing his mom's high heels around the house. Is this a strong indicator that he is gay?

  • 23
    Your 3 year-old daughter refuses to wear dresses and is always trying to peek at her mother's breasts. Is this a strong indicator that she is gay?

  • 24
    How many hours of sleep does a healthy teen require?

  • 25
    If your young child (say, age 7) tells you that he has been sexually assaulted by his older cousin (your nephew, age 12), he is probably telling the truth.

  • 26
    If your same son (this time, age 10) tells you that he has been sexually assaulted by his friend's older brother (age 15), he is probably telling the truth.

  • 27
    At what age should children NOT be sleeping in the same bed as you?

  • 28
    Teenage girls wearing thongs: Ok, or not?

  • 29
    Teenage boys wearing their pants low (below the hips): Ok, or not?

  • 30
    Your teen (either sex) comes home with a green mohawk, and piercings in the lip, eyebrow, and nose. You:

  • 31
    Your child has questions about sex at age 9. You:

  • 32
    Would there be a difference in your reaction between your 14 year-old son asking about sex and your 14 year-old daughter?

  • 33
    True or False: Allowing your child to listen to violent or depressive music will lead him/her to possible suicidal tendencies.