• Sure, we've seen them before. Those people walking down the street or in the mall who deserve a fashion bitch-slapping. But let's not fool ourselves - we have ALL committed fashion no-no's before. Take this test to see which aspects of your personality could point to what fashion sins you have, or still do, commit.
  • 1

    Firstly, how do you feel about or treat your body?

  • 2

    What do you do or would you like to do for work?

  • 3

    What is your idea of a great weekend?

  • 4

    What is your idea of a perfect meal?

  • 5

    Do you have the perfect partner/spouse? If not, what would they be like?

  • 6

    Finally, what are your views on fashion, and are you angry about the assertion that you've committed fashion no-no's?