• What I want in a Kisser Test. This test is designed to try to lead me to the type of kisser I am looking for. But it could also lead to let someone else know what kind of kisser you are and maybe you will find a match!! It is mainly out of fun that I like to do these tests. Hopefully you will enjoy it, pass it on to your friends, and give me a rating/feedback on it!! We all should love kissing but if you don't you might take this to surprise yourself!!!
  • 1
    Do you like PDA (public displays of affection)?

  • 2
    When do you usually kiss someone for the first time romantically?

  • 3
    When did you receive your first kiss?

  • 4
    What would be your ideal spot for a first kiss?

  • 5
    Do you like to be touched tenderly when you are kissing someone?

  • 6
    Would you kiss your significant other in front of your parents or their parents?

  • 7
    Would you kiss someone that you have been friends with but have an extreme crush on if you were in a public place?

  • 8
    Would you kiss the same person if you were in a private place?

  • 9
    Do you like to be touched when you are kissing someone you like?