• Hi! And welcome to my What is my Ideal Penis Size? Test. This test uses date based on numerous sexual studies from the world over and first hand experience ; )
  • 1
    Firstly, do you believe bigger is better?

  • 2
    1. Sex is fun, steamy, hot and wet....but sometimes too wet! Do you sometimes get so wet that it dulls the sensation during sex?

  • 3
    You're all alone in your room, and there's no one to put you at ease.....do you masturbate to a rough hardcore sex scenario or a slow sweet candlelight making love experience.

  • 4
    Oral or Penetrative...what do you prefer?

  • 5
    Does a sexy bod on a guy or gal turn you on a lot?

  • 6
    Shallow penetration or deep penetration, which do you prefer?

  • 7
    If you had to choose between a slight chubby, kinda but not so ugly guy who had a 9'' penis or a really good looking guy with a small 5'' penis, who would you pick?

  • 8
    Favorite position? Excluding all kama sutra positions...hey they only gave me a maximum of four possible choices here!

  • 9
    What's your hip to waist ratio?

  • 10
    Do you have large areolas? Average size is 1'' ladies

  • 11
    The best part of Doggy Style position is the deep penetration and rubbing against the G-Spot when taking deep long strokes. However, do you prefer your partner to leave it in and not take strokes?

  • 12
    During rough sex do you often crave to be penetrated more deeply, or a desire to be stretched or filled more?

  • 13
    Do you like having a penis rub the back of your vagina during sex?

  • 14
    Does rubbing up on something big....say at a dance club....turn you on more than if it was something tiny just poking your butt?

  • 15
    What is the largest penis you have taken comfortably and without stretching...fully inside of you (note: women are usually able to take more of real penis when compared to a dildo, so whatever is the largets sized dildo you have taken, just add on one additional inch)

  • 16
    Do you sometimes become so uncontrollably horny, that you have to have sex and orgasm, no matter where you are?