• HAMBURGERS! Ehemm..... Sorry, a little weird! Ookey, well, this test will tell you what type of cosplay participant/observer you are. For those of you who are curious as to what this is, or what you would be interested in while taking part in the act of cosplaying, take it as if you have done what you see the question asking. This way you can see what it's all about. The description will tell you what the catagory is all about. O.o Well, cosplay in general, is the act of dressing up like an anime character. (You can create your own character as well. Some people who like characters from movies, dress up that way as well, even if they are not an anime character.) You can make your own costume or buy/rent one. Also, there are some people who go to cons and actually act out parts, but others will go just to do it, or have thier costume judged. There is to much to list here, but trust me, I LOVE it! The following catagories are the ones I will be looking at: Cosplay, Crossplay, Hentai (Cosplay style), and observer (You like anime, but you don't want to cosplay.) Well, see what you are! I am a cosplayer/crossplayer/hentai player! Although, I will only crossplay if I really am enthrawlled by the character.

    Here are my results!


    You scored 90 Cosplay, 0 Crossplay, 70 Hentai, and 50 Observer!

    You seem to like to be in costume and have anime sex. This can be ALOT of fun! Trust me I know. ~.O Below are the definitions of the different categories.

    COSPLAY - You dress up in a costume of the same sex anime character as yourself that you made/bought/altered/renter/or whatever. Then you go to a convention or a group meeting where you can act out a character in a play. (Costume Play) At a con, there is alot more to do than just be presant and be in a play. You can buy practically anything anime related sometimes, or meet new people, and alot more.

    CROSSPLAY - Crossplay is where you dress up as an anime character of the opposite sex and do what you would as a cosplayer.

    HENTAI (COSPLAY STYLE) - This is where you dress up as a character whom you create or as one that already exists. You then have sex or whatnot with your partner. This is anime sex related.

    OBSERVER - An observer is someone who watches other people in costume, but does not dress up in a costume of any type.