• While The Hub Crawl may attract a particular (and admittedly somewhat nerdy) demographic, it turns out that not all Crawlers are made equally. Ever since the first event rolled out, The Hub Crawl Ninja Staff has been observing team member data, surveying and interviewing participants as well as identifying trends and patterns in gameplay. And we've noticed a couple things.

    In particular, we've noticed that common to pretty much all Crawlers is a particular set of qualities. And depending on which of these qualities is expressed most dominantly, they fall into one of five distinct Crawler types, each one fulfilling a particular role in a team. This set of questions helps determine not only which role you, dear Crawler, naturally gravitate to but how you measure up in terms of the five different variables. This test can be done by anyone but it is obviously geared toward someone who has participated in at least one event. 

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